“ Of all the means of expression, photography is the only one
that fixes forever the precise and transitory instant.”

Henri Cartier Bresson “ The Decisive Moment”, 1952

Monday, May 18, 2015

2 ! How Can It Be? I have 3 Angels!

"I was waiting for someone. For a miracle to come. Everyone told me to be strong. I was waiting for you."

"I see the light in your eyes." 

"It's almost blinding." 

"I can't believe I have been touched by an Angel with love!"  Celine Dion

Thursday, November 6, 2014


 And Just Like That....... the dreams we have had for our lives for so long grow in love and happiness right before our very eyes!  One of the biggest challenges as a mom and a photographer is how to be both when photographing my children. There is so much to capturing the moment and even more to .. enjoying the moment. The balance is difficult as both mom and innovator. I think the hardest part about photographing my children at 18 months is capturing the shot while simultaneously managing to keep them out of harms way, out of the street, away from eating bugs, safe from falling off the chair and eating and grabbing a flower pot and well... you can imagine the rest. If you want to know what I looked like during this shoot. ... Well... let's just say,  it was not a shower day. hahahahhhahaha Only a mom  with small children can appreciate those kind of days!

The funny part about being the photographer and the mom is that before being the mom the photographer in me was an over achiever. I had to get the perfect shot .  Now, I am ok with being the mommy..... all of those perfect shots or perfect shoots are for the person who took showers everyday. The new me.. the "mom me" does the best she can even if it means skipping a shower, wearing slippers out in public, mis-matching clothes, cooking , cleaning, cooking then cleaning again...throwing a dance party in between and so much more. So now, I may not get the perfect shot. But, if one variable has to give so that the other can prosper... then... I am happy to say that I am content with the "mom" me.